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Scion Nutrition

Scion Nutrition

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Begin an Exciting Journey to Understand Food Better! 

A nutritional guidance package that will change the way you see food and its impact on your life.

Month 1: Start Your Nutrition Adventure

Begin with a 60-minute Zoom call to set your goals and preferences. A personalised food plan will be crafted for you. After a couple of weeks, a 30-minute follow-up Zoom call helps fine-tune your plan, keeping you on track. This is your chance to ask questions and share your progress.

Month 2 Onwards: Master Your Nutrition

Get ready for two 30-minute Zoom calls each month. With guidance from our experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer, you'll learn more about nutrition and how to make better food choices. Every month, your food plan will be updated to match your needs.

Behind the Scenes: Trainer vs. Dietitian

Wondering about personal trainers and dieticians? Our Level 3 Personal Trainer knows a lot about nutrition, but becoming a dietitian takes even more training – around 3 years of university! They become experts in helping people with their diets.

Meet Your Transformation Guide

Your guide on this journey is a Level 3 Personal Trainer with 10 years of experience. They've worked with people around the world, helping them transform their bodies and minds through exercise and nutrition.

Start Your Journey Today!

Get ready to learn, change, and feel better. Take control of your health and join us on a journey to understand food and nutrition. You'll get practical advice and tools to make your body and mind healthier.

Sign up now to begin your exciting adventure into the world of nutrition! 

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