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Progress Photo Gel Pads

Progress Photo Gel Pads

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Capture Progress with Confidence!

No personal trainer on hand? No problem! Capture your progress photos flawlessly at the perfect height and angle every time.

This innovative gel pad securely attaches your phone to walls and mirrors without any need for glue or adhesives. These pads adhere effortlessly and peel off cleanly, preserving the integrity of your surfaces. They are also washable and reusable, ensuring long-term convenience.

And for those occasional moments when you misplace things, we've got you covered – we include 5 extra disks to ensure you're always prepared for progress photo day.

Before each use, simply test the pad, surface, and phone to ensure they are clean and suitable. Then, set your phone timer and snap away!

Step up your fitness game today effortlessly. Just stick, snap and you're done!




Material: 100% PU material

Disk size:5cm in diameter

Package Includes:5 disks

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