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Scion Meditation Online

Scion Meditation Online

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Elevate The Power of Your Mind!

A premium meditation program that will redefine your awareness of how meditation can help you and revolutionise your well-being. 

Month 1: Commence Your Odyssey of The Mind

Embark with a 60-minute virtual consultation over Zoom to map out your aspirations and preferences. As well as gaining a deep understanding of your needs from this conversation, your teacher will encourage you to record your preconceptions and initial expectations to reflect on later down the line.

Your bespoke programme will then be meticulously curated to align with the goal that you agree at your initial consultation. You will receive advice on how to navigate the 167 hours spent outside of your sessions each week, including how to manage the pressures of work, meditate out in the real world and sleeping well.

Your meditation teacher will teach you on Zoom once a week, tailoring their teaching style to your needs. Each time you meet, your teacher will ask you questions and listen carefully to what you say about your experience. They will explain the science behind meditation in general, the history of the different kinds of meditation that your learn and observe and coach you closely through each session, inviting feedback on your experiences to achieve the maximum value from every session that you attend. 

Your teacher will be regulated by the British School of Meditation (BSoM) and will ensure your sessions are carefully recorded and finely tuned as you progress, maintaining your trajectory toward success. 

Month 2 and Beyond: Mastery of Your Mind

Prepare for 1 60 minute Zoom meditation teaching session a week and monthly reflections about what you have enjoyed, what has and hasn't worked well and how to progress (approx 15 minutes inside one of your sessions). Guided by your teacher, you will immerse yourself in the world of top-tier teaching, learning the science, history and realities meditation.

Beyond the Sessions: Excelling in Everyday Hours

Your support extends beyond face-to-face sessions. Your trainer is here to guide you through the other 167 hours of your week with comprehensive strategies and tactics to ensure your success outside of teaching sessions.

Behind the Scenes:  Teacher vs. Enthusiast

Curious about meditation teachers? It's one thing to meditate (or think you know how) and another to really understand what you're doing and know how to teach. A meditation teacher worth your money will make your programme all about you. They will create achievable and challenging short, medium and long-term goals in consultation with you and coach you so that you can get where you want to be. 

6-star service: Scion Meditation Teacher vs. unregulated 'teachers'

Your Scion Fitness meditation teacher will be regulated by the British School of Mediation (BSoM) and operate under their strict code of ethics and practice. This means that they will have studied the main forms of meditation, its history and the science behind it. They will also have shown that they practice meditation extensively themselves and have passed strict practical and theory assignments. Further to this, your Scion Meditation Teacher will have passed their teacher training with a mark of distinction (not just a basic pass). Your trainer will:

  • go the extra mile to pave the way to your success
  • make you accountable for your actions
  • coach you so that you can get where you want to be.

Meet Your Meditation Mentor

Guiding you through this transformative experience is a British School of Mediation regulated teacher. Your teacher has experience of teaching and guiding meditation online and in person, and has undertaken their own learning and practice in the UK, Thailand and India.

Commence Your Journey Today!

Prepare to acquire knowledge, enact positive changes, and experience heightened well-being. Seize command of your fitness and join us on an expedition into the realm of online personal training. You'll gain invaluable insights and practical techniques to enhance both your physical and mental wellness.

Enrol now to commence your thrilling voyage into the realm of online meditation teaching!

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